Secure society where people are living with tranquility, peace and justice

Socio-Economic development of vulnerable and distressed communities with special emphasizes on women, children and minority groups. Save and curing disaster affected people of the various region of the globe as well as to help the poor to establish poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and disease free society.

Improved socio-economic status of rural vulnerable and disadvantaged poor communities


  • Assist to form and unite women, adolescent, disability and minority group
  • Women empowerment and capacity building
  • Increase literacy rate through effective education
  • Establish non-formal education centers
  • Influence policy makers and different service providers to increase their responsiveness
  • Assist to establish rights of the poor men, women, children and others minority group
  • Provide legal aid services to the poor communities
  • Massive awareness to stop children and women trafficking and domestic violence
  • Rescue and evacuation during disasters
  • Provide technical training for self employment of the extreme poor


  • Increase the awareness level through people‚Äôs institution building
  • Establish new school for the deprived and neglected children
  • Increase of literacy rate among the poor communities through non-formal education
  • Promote primary health-care, safe drinking water and sanitation facilities
  • Enhance knowledge and skill through need-based training, workshop and orientation
  • Involve group members in income generating and employment creation activities
  • Develop sustainable disaster preparedness and management capabilities to cope with disaster.