Our Entrepreneurs


Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. is financing to poor women handicrafts manufacturers. Through its Bangladesh Office, Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. has so far organized 1200 poor women and provided them training for manufacturing various handicrafts items like Bed Cover, Pillow Cover, Cushion Cover, Wall Mat, Embroidered Quilt, Table Mat, Ladies Bag, Ladies Slipper etc. These organized women are producing very high quality handicrafts items. Along with high quality training, the organization is providing loan to them to run their enterprise.

Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. believes that the poor women can be empowered by making them entrepreneur. It is evident that for the intervention of Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. for several years in this sector, a number of people have already been able to come out of poverty line.

But more things needed to be done. Though these poor women are producing very good quality of products, they are not getting due price of their products as they cannot enter into the broader market for various reasons. So it is highly necessary to help them for marketing their products. Keeping this in mind, Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. has started to introduce their products with the global market. If we can sell the poor women’s products in the global market, then they will really be benefited and be able to come out of poverty quickly.

The produces of organized poor women entrepreneurs of Samatat Sangha Mission Inc.can be showed below.