Ongoing Programs

• Education programme (EP)
• Capacity Balding Program (CBP)
• Income and employment Generation Program (IEGP)
• Health and Environment program (HEP)
• Disasters Management Program (DMP)
• Micro Finance and Micro enterprise Program

Program Focus

Women Empowerment, institution building and capacity development through participatory way are the major focus of Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. works to ensure people’s participation and strength the capability of them in responding natural disaster and in development process and to improve the people’s livelihood through empowerment of poor and distressed group members specially women group members as well as to encourage people in Agriculture production and involve more and more people as a part of alternative means of employment.

The organization believes that self-employment is the key to development for the distressed women.So it has organized a no of activities particularly making of handicrafts items by the poor women.It is giving the required training to the group members and providing funds to make their products and to run the business.