Micro Finance

Present Micro Finance Program:

Awareness Building & Group Formation:

It was evident that no services could be rendered efficiently to a large no of rural mass of population without forming groups. It was, therefore, important to bring people into groups for the implementation of the micro finance program. So, group formation was the first activity of Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. in the project sites. The importance of group formation at the village level can be considered in the following context:-
• Group can serve as an institutional forum and mechanism for creating demand for development support and services;
• As an arena where the disorganized poor can organize themselves for a democratic struggle to repress their groaners;

Group formation helped the field activities in a number of ways. For example it helped in evolving a process of mutual trust and cordial atmosphere for discussion Thus it created opportunities among the group members for natural leadership to wake up and grow. It also reduced the number of contact points for Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. personnel.

Training and Capacity Building to the beneficiaries:

Capacity Building would be in the form of conducting training on various issues which would contribute to the development of skills and knowledge. Training would be imparted in the local branch level office. Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. would directly impart training to the beneficiaries.
After imparting skills to the beneficiaries, they would also be provided with financial support and technical support. As mentioned earlier, the beneficiaries would be clustered into groups. These groups would be like the traditional groups of Micro credit. After capacity building is initiated within the groups , they would be given credit at a percentage settled after discussion with the beneficiaries.
In capacity building the beneficiaries will receive training in Group Dynamics and Credit and Savings management and general business management through which they will be imparted with certain discipline which will help them to interact with the community for establishing IGAs. Moreover, the habit and sense of necessity to save will be included in them. The training on Micro Enterprise management will enable them to handle their enterprise, utilize resource properly and keep track record of inflow and out flow of cash. They will be trained in leadership development which will provide them with the necessary skills required for interpersonal communication. Training in legal and gender awareness would enlighten them about their basic rights and open their minds towards women liberations which would lead to acceptance of women working and earning along men. Since the working areas of Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. often inflicted by natural calamities, the beneficiaries would be trained in disaster management as well, so that they are prepared for the combat against the wrath of nature and can save the enterprise from the effects of disaster. Above all, they would receive training on technical skill building in various fields like homestead crop cultivation, social forestry, poultry, beef fattening ,dairy and livestock etc.
Moreover, the beneficiaries will get support service from Samatat Sangha Mission Inc.while starting an Income Generating Activities or Enterprise. Their activities will be monitored at a regular intervals by the sector specialists of each sectors( each income generating activity is treated as a separate sector) . Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. will have sector specialists for various income –generating activities for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. sector specialists would be available while the beneficiaries actually start an income generating activities or enterprise and assist them if any problem arises.

Financial Management:

All sorts of financial transactions of Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. are maintained by separate bank account as per the policy adopted by the governing body of the organizaiton. All Accounts have been maintained as per the financial rules and regulation approved by the executive committee. Vouchers and records are properly preserved for verification and audit.

Monitoring and evaluation System of Samatat Sangha Mission Inc.:

Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. maintains a Participatory M&E process for effective implementation of the program activities. Within the organization Samatat Sangha Mission Inc. has developed weekly, monthly & quarterly monitoring tools and related forms and formats are available in organization. The management of the organization is vigil about the program quality . So it always works very closely with the grass root level maintaining good quality.